In our on-going efforts to mitigate COVID-19 and safeguard our members, employees and guests’ health and wellness, the following protocols are in place for Arkansas Family Supports, Inc.’s offices and workspaces until further notice:

All members served, employees and others, (guests, service technicians, consultants, etc.) are provided PPE, Personal Protective Equipment and the replenishing of this PPE where applicable and as needed. PPE includes but is not limited to:


1. Two (2) Layer Cloth face coverings

2. Blue disposable masks

3. KN95 masks

4. Disinfecting Wipes

5. Portable, single use hand sanitizer

6. COVID-19 “Good Health Practices To Help Prevent the Spread Of COVID-19 (coronavirus)” mitigation signage

7. Disinfectant spray

8. Non contact laser thermometer for temperature reading



All employees and guests will be required to adhere to the following upon entering the offices of Arkansas Family Supports, Inc.:

• All employees and guests are required to wear a disposable face mask or two layer cloth face covering. The nose and mouth must be covered. 

• All employees and guests are required to have their temperature read through the wall mounted, no contact laser thermometer in the foyer of the AFS, Inc. offices.

• All employees and guests are required to sign in and complete the trace contacting, including recording their temperature and answering questions related to COVID-19. 

• All employees and guests are required to wear a two layer cloth face covering or disposable face mask at all times when around coworkers, members and/or guests.

• All employees must maintain six (6) feet social distancing within the office and work areas in the field.

• All employees must frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. When soap and running water are not immediately available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol as active ingredients and rub hands together until they are dry. Always wash hands that are visibly soiled.

• All employees must disinfect work area/high touch surfaces. Janitorial services will also complete at the end of the day.

• Stay home if sick.


All employees in the field working, including our DSPs, should adhere to all protocols currently in place and continue trace contact tracking documents.-

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